About Vijayawada


There are many tales behind the origin of the name of the city. Legends have it that this was the place where Arjuna was blessed by Shiva, on Indrakiladri Hill. In another legend it is stated that Goddesses Durga killed the demon and relaxed in this place for some time. As she was victorious (Vijaya), the place got the name as Vijayawada (Vijaya- Victory and Wada- city/place/location) which literally means "City of Victory". In some legends Vijayawada was also known as Vijayavata and Rajendracholapura. [1] A tale behind its acquiring the name "Bezawada" is that Goddesses Krishnaveni (River Krishna) requested Arjuna to make a passage for her to merge into the Bay of Bengal. Hence Arjuna made a bejjam (hole) through the mountains and the place came to be known as Bejjamwada which later changed to Bezawada.

Vijayawada literally translates to "The Place of Victory.
Vijayawada is also a center of Andhra politics.
It is referred to as the political capital of Andhra Pradesh.
Its prominence as a major trading and business center has earned it the title of the "Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh”.
Situated along the Chennai-Howrah and Chennai-Delhi Railway route, this is the largest railway junction in South India.
The city is located in the Krishna District, about 275 kilometres (171 mi) from the state capital Hyderabad.